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Success Stories


"She has expressed to our staff, how happy she is at the Center, as well as the joy she feels when interacting with the small children is an added bonus. In May of 2022 Anne Julie Constant will receive her college degree. She is so excited about her future, as well as equally grateful for her present job..."

Anne Julie Constant


"What started out as a fear of the unknown was soon embraced due to his growing expertise during training and guidance.  Mr. Pickett was a quick learner and within a short time was offered a permanent job.  He accepted the offer and is still employed by U.S. Architectural Glass & Metal, today."

Stephen Pickett

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 11.17.17 PM.png

She was a student when she arrived at Public Image Partnership in efforts to attain employment.  She had a sense of presence and determination when enrolling in CYEP.  Ms. Saintoiry was placed at the Bourdeau-Griffin location.  She excelled with her work ethic and demeanor.

Ameneka Saintoiry

Success Stories: Testimonials
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