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Anne Julie Constant

This young lady came to our program on November 30, 2020. She expressed a sincere desire to work with children, as well as complete her college education. Anne was compelled to work with preschool and primary grade children. Her upbeat attitude, along with a friendly and relaxed manner when working with others, was a sure sign she would be an exceptional employee, at any school or center, working with children. Anne works well with others. She has a firm commitment to completing tasks required of her, along with a genuine desire to do an excellent job. She goes above and beyond the expectations others have for her in the workplace. Her attitude is so positive and it is the disposition she displays daily. Her patience with small children is admirable and so needed in schools today. Amazing Care (Calumet City) was her assigned worksite.  She worked with a Nurse Practitioner in this medical office. Her supervisor was very pleased with her work. Her excellent computer skills and her gentle approach with patients was impressive.  Anne was reliable and genuine in her concern, for quality care of the patients.

On May 12, 2021, Anne Julie Constant was offered a position at ‘Children’s Home Center’ in Calumet City. She was paid $17.00/hr. while in training. Once training was completed, they raised her pay to approximately $21.00/hr. She has expressed to our staff, how happy she is at the Center, as well as the joy she feels when interacting with the small children is an added bonus. In May of 2022 Anne Julie Constant will receive her college degree. She is so excited about her future, as well as equally grateful for her present job. We were all so happy for her and thrilled that she was living part of her life’s dream. This young lady is so talented. We know there is no ceiling or barrier to stop her steady climb and upward mobility, to achieve more dreams she no doubt has. We are simply pleased, to have been a stepping stone, to assisting such a dynamic individual reach one of her goals. Her tenacity is only going to further her growth, as she assists young minds as they mature and grow. Now that is something wonderful to celebrate!

Anne Julie Constant: Image
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