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Ameneka Saintoiry

Ms. Saintoiry’s employment journey is quite different than the average.  She was referred to Public Image Partnership by a potential Community Youth Employment Program work site provider, Bourdeau-Griffin Interiors & Architectural Supplies.  Bourdeau-Griffin became a work site provider after sending Ameneka to PIP.  She was a student when she arrived at Public Image Partnership in efforts to attain employment.  She had a sense of presence and determination when enrolling in CYEP.  Ms. Saintoiry was placed at the Bourdeau-Griffin location.  She excelled with her work ethic and demeanor.  Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic, Bourdeau-Griffin closed according to the State of Illinois mandate to Shelter in Place.  All non-essential companies were forced to furlough.

With that in mind, Ameneka’s was still focused and prepared to begin work immediately, we placed her at Amazing Care Systems.  With her exposure to the medical field and the skill sets to accommodate, we felt that this would be a fitted environment which would allow her to execute and cultivate.  Ms. Saintoiry was very delighted with the selection because it permitted her to continue working while giving back to her country.  The Amazing Care Systems supervisor, Mrs. Beauty Bernard-Jumbo, stated that Ameneka was a remarkable young lady with so many capabilities.  Mrs. Bernard-Jumbo had every intention of hiring her but Ms. Saintoiry had to Shelter in Place for the safety of the seniors in her household.  Mrs. Bernard-Jumbo has expressed that Ameneka’s position will be available to her when she is able to return to Amazing Care Systems.

Even during a pandemic, being under the umbrella of essential workers/company, Public Image Partnership, maintained a very involved role with our Community Youth Employment Program participants.  We are truly dedicated to the well-being and support of our participants. 

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Ameneka Saintoiry: Image
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