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Program Manager

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Public Image Partnership NFP provides job training, placement and retention services for underserved populations. The agency seeks a Program Coordinator to prepare adults for employment and place them in permanent jobs. The program involves job readiness activities, guidance in creating long term career and educational plans, short-term placement in paid work experiences, culminating in permanent job placement.

The Program Coordinator is responsible for oversight, administration and execution of the project according to guidelines and within budget.  This includes coordinating the efforts of relevant staff in order to meet program deliverables. 


  • Ensure compliance with program policies

  • Oversee office operations for the program

  • Monitor maintenance of program records and files

  • Direct and manage outreach, recruitment, training, placement and job retention efforts.

  • Communicate project expectations to team

  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities to appropriate staff.

  • Monitor project timelines, benchmarks and deliverables. 

  • Prepare internal and required reports to, along with team, monitor and evaluate progress.

  • Troubleshoot problem areas and resolve issues with project staff.

  • Develop and nurture any business relationships for job placement and retention efforts.

  • Monitor case management and delivery of services to clients and confidentiality.

  • Ensure compliance with program policies

  • Guide team with marketing efforts for the program

  • Ensure timely submission of funding agency required reports via appropriate applications

Skills and Abilities

  • Skillful leadership and organizing skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent problem-solving ability

  • Motivation and ability to provide positive, customer service to program.

  • Willingness to, on a daily basis, network with community businesses and potential employees.

  • Enthusiasm for working in a team environment to support goals of the program and clients.

  • Problem-solving skills, organizational skills, time management skills, openness, and excellent oral and written communication skills.


  • Proficiency in basic Office platforms;

  • Degree or post-secondary education in community/social services, education or related field is desirable;

  • Verifiable experience in marketing, sales and/or advertising of products or services is desirable;

  • Ability to support youth to develop and implement educational and employment goals;

  • Demonstrated strong customer service and presentation skills, public speaking or outside sales experiences are desirable.

If interested, please email resume directly to

Program Manager: Service
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