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Perren Delaney

Mr. Delaney entered the doors of Public Image Partnership in pursuit of becoming a Community Youth Employment Program participant.  He was rather reserved but would often giggle throughout the day.  This demonstrated that inwardly, he had a sense of humor.  Perren was highly intelligent with some college education under his belt along with the campus experience.  His gentlemanly qualities and approach were very exhilarating and fostered the ability to maneuver through many circumstances with confidence and achievement.  We were absolutely certain that Mr. Delaney would become one of our shinning participants.

During Perren’s time in the CYEP, he was able to become the equivalent of a team leader.  He would encourage other participants who required a little more aid in their performance and self-esteem.  The Public Image Partnership staff appreciated his dedication and contribution towards care of others.

The representatives of The Department of Homeland Security, contacted us for the vetting process for Mr. Delaney’s employment.  Due to the inclandestine nature of their operation, Public Image Partnership was given limited information.  We were later notified that Perren was able to secure a position at The Pentagon.

This is another clear example of the possibilities that the Community Youth Employment Program along with Public Image Partnership can offer the participants. 

Perren Delaney: Image
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